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XLF 6v $155.00 The most powerful of the XLF series and among the strongest transmitters available, the 6v offers the most range while operating from four 392 silver oxide batteries. Backed by years of experience, research, and development, these transmitters are made using special machined parts and state-of-the-art micro-electronics.  The batteries slide into the aluminum case and activate once you screw the cap down firmly.
All XLF transmitters have screw type replaceable antennas built on standard size screw studs which can be easily replaced in seconds. Our Loaded Antennas can be used with all XLF models. These antennas are shorter in length at 6.5 inches without sacrificing much range.Weight: 7 grams Battery Life: 5 days (~120 hours) continuous operation
Range: 30 miles

LL XLF 6v Transmitter

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