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Giant Hood Updates


We are always looking for ways to make your falconry experience better. Our new aluminum giant hoods have vents which are lined with screens to reduce insects from entering the box through the vents, yet they still provide adequate ventilation for your raptor. 



We also  modified the inside of the box with a lighter weight perch support bracket which once again reduces the boxes over all weight.




Meet Barry:


Thank you for visiting Davidson's Falconry. By trade, I am a State Registered Sheetmetal Journeyman. While working in the sheet metal industry, I designed and constructed items from highway toll booths to specialty metal, one of a kind, objects for over 20 years.   


My sheet metal skills and background, coupled with a hobby of leather crafting enabled me to offer quality and affordable items to those who visit the online falconry store.  Davidson's Falconry enables me to utilize my professional skills, while pursuing my passion for falconry.


I enjoy helping others with the same passion for falconry get started with their new hawks and falcons as well as share stories with the experienced falconers. During our conversations I take into account your individual needs and preferences as falconers. I then add new products or make custom items with your personal touches in mind.


I sell products throughout the United States and abroad. If you would like a reference in your state, just ask. I have built a portfoilio of wonderful friends/customers and look forward to working with you and hearing your unique falconry stories.


If you do not see a product on our new page, just ask. We add new products regularly and because I customize many items, it is likely I can help you find what you are looking for.


Barry Davidson


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